Gladiator Flashlight Review

Gladiator Tactical Flashlight: 75% Off + FREE S&H

gladiator flashlightGladiator Flashlight – Do you find yourself walking to your car or driving alone at night frequently? Do you take your dog out on walks after sunset? Are you prepared if a burglar enters your threatening your family’s safety? These are scenarios many of us face, but far too often we are ill prepared. Sure, you can have install an alarm in your car or carry a gun, but you can’t carry these things with you everywhere. There is one item you could keep in your arsenal that is legal to carry anywhere and small enough to fit in your pocket. Introducing, the military grade Tactical Gladiator Flashlight.

You may be wondering how the Gladiator Tactical Flashlight could possible defend you or your family. Aside from the fact that is an advance piece of equipment used by the Military and Law Enforcement, the Tactical Gladiator Flashlight is capable of blinding and injuring attackers. Have you ever been hit in the eyes by a beam of light from an ordinary flashlight?  It takes a bit to see properly doesn’t it? Now, imagines an ultra-bright 800 lumen beam of the Gladiator Tactical Flashlight flashed point blank in your eyes! Blind attackers are dramatically incapacitated without sight. If you are convinced already, apply the 75% OFF coupon to your Gladiator Flashlight order today and qualify for FREE shipping!

Feel Safer With A Gladiator Flashlight

There is no such thing as being over prepared. Even if you have many self-defense items and strategies, adding the Tactical Gladiator Flashlight to your collection will only boost your chances to protect yourself. Many people underestimate the value of owning a great flashlight, like the Gladiator Tactical Flashlight. These days, you never know when disaster will strike. We are now surrounded by ticking time bombs in the form of terrorists on our home soil. As the weather patterns change, we can be hit with natural disasters without warning. Look at the damn break in California displacing 200,000 people! If you were caught in a flood, the S.O.S. function of the Tactical Gladiator Flashlight could be lifesaving.

Imagine yourself walking home alone after the bar and suddenly you are followed. Easily, you can pull out the Gladiator Tactical Flashlight to prepare yourself for a possible assault. Suddenly, you are grabbed, but with one click you have the power of a blinding 800 lumen beam erupting from the Gladiator Tactical Flashlight! Shining directly in your attackers face, he is blind and he knows it. His panic sets in giving you the advantage. He still hasn’t let go and that is when you let him have it with the Strike Bezel end of your flashlight right in his face! Blinded, he never saw it coming. Seeing his defeat is at hand, he lets you go in an attempt to protect himself. That gave you the opportunity to run for cover!

Every American needs the Gladiator Flashlight. It if is good enough for US Navy Seals, Coast Guard, Firemen, Policemen and the US Search & Rescue, civilians will find it useful.

Gladiator Flashlight Features:

  • Light And Strong Aircraft Aluminum
  • Blindingly Bright 800 Lumen Beam
  • 2000 x Telescopic Zoom Capability
  • 5 Modes Including Strobe And SOS
  • Striking Bezel Provides Self Defense


Gladiator Flashlight Is Powerful & Durable

The Gladiator Flashlight is crafted with the latest in LED technology and incredibly strong Aircraft Grade Aluminum. To put the brightness of the 800 Lumen Gladiator Tactical Flashlight into perspective, we will explain a familiar scenario. At some point you have had your picture taken a camera that flashed and left you seeing spots. Now, imagine that the flash was a beam that never turned off and was 100 times brighter. The Gladiator Tactical Flashlight gives you this power disorient and blind would-be-attackers with the push of a button.

Not only is the Gladiator Flashlight bright, but it is incredibly tough. Its durability has been thoroughly tested. It can withstand the force of a maul smashing down upon it, barely leaving a scratch. So, dropping it on the pavement or from your deer stand will never be an issue. Furthermore, it can even withstand being ran over by a fork lift! That is pretty tough. Not only is it impact resistant, but it is also water and electrical shock resistant. If you can find a tougher flashlight than the Gladiator Tactical Flashlight, we will be impressed.

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